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Drive solutions from a single source

ABM Greiffenberger manufactures all major components in its own plants in Germany. This provides numerous application benefits daily to our customers.

Already during the development of drives, electrical motors, gearboxes, brakes and electronic controls are optimally tuned. Our in-house manufacturing, including aluminum die casting with die shop, provides our development engineers direct access to production specialists. Mutual transfer of knowledge and expertise is priceless.

Hence the individual development of complete custom drives is one of our key business activities. Aside our comprehensive, flexible modular design allows that even smaller production needs (Miniseries) can be met with customized solutions at reasonable cost.

Induction Motors
Our standard program covers a comprehensive frame size range from 56 to 160 each available in different standard stack lengths. ABM Induction motors are available as IEC-standard motors, energy-saving motors, torque motors, flange-mounted motors for gearboxes, special and low voltage AC motors for battery-powered vehicles.

ABM SINOCHRON®Motors are permanently excited synchronous motors. The unique design allows elimination of separate encoders resulting in an economical alternative to expensive servo drives. Synchronous motor advantages such as outstanding efficiency, great power density and compact size are naturally also available with ABM SINOCHRON®Motors.

Geared Motors
ABM Greiffenberger geared motors are available with standard helical- or parallel shaft gearboxes. Aside custom special gearboxes can also be designed. The premium helical gearing with ground gear tooth side walls guaranties maximum quietness and precise power transmission.

Electronic Control Technology
Increasingly automatic solutions must become more flexible and productive in many fields. Here, speed adjustable drive technologies with ABM Frequency Inverters are the ideal solution. Our three product lines “Profi Drive Controller”, “Logical Drive Controller” and “Motor Drive Controller” encompass all options from modular to motor integrated electronic controllers.
In our webshop, you can order frequency converters and appropriate accessories online.