Successful Cooperation for over 30 Years
ABM and Coastal:
Successful Cooperation for over 30 Years
ABM Greiffenberger delivers to the Canadian crane manufacturer Coastal hoist and travel drives for over 30 years. Since the 1980’s – Coastal was ABM’s first foreign hoist drive customer – a close cooperation based on trust and transparency developed. In an interview Coastal CEO Jim Caldwell describes how this business relationship started and flourished to today’s successful model.

Mr. Caldwell, could you please introduce Coastal Pacific Crane?
“In 1993 Gantron employee Matt Horst assumed ownership after the previous owner had declared bankruptcy. We develop and build hoists and cranes that are sold under the brand name Gantron. At our Surrey location we have 17 employees. Our key markets are Canada and the US. We also deliver units to South America, Asia and Russia. Our cranes are being used in wood processing, mining and general machine building. We are currently generating annual sales of 1.65 Million Euro but intend to grow substantially over the next years. In 2016 Coastal was acquired by the crane builder CRS. After the takeover I assumed the responsibility as CEO but Matt is still on board as technical director.”

The partnership with ABM exists for over 30 years. How has it evolved?
„The beginning goes back to the 1980’s when Matt Horst suggested to develop an own product line for Gantron. In 1982 he traveled with the Coastal owner at that time to Europe to search for able component suppliers. During a visit at a German crane builder it was suggested to contact a component manufacturer by the name of ABM Greiffenberger. A short time later the first discussions with ABM development engineers took place. Matt Horst was impressed by the design concepts and both sides manifested interest in a long term cooperation. Matt returned to Canada and started to develop his Gantron line based on the technical know-how of the ABM engineers. Over the years the cooperation steadily evolved and today we maintain open and trusting contacts on a level playing field.”

Matt Horst and you already visited ABM. With what impressions did you come away?
„Still today Matt Horst raves how the ABM team approached the project with great engagement from the beginning. During my first visit I immediately felt understood and was inspired by the instant and consequent support by the systems supplier for our future plans. A tour of the manufacturing plants convinced me of the professional function of the supply chain. Equally impressive was the high level of manufacturing technologies in the plants.”

What are the advantages of ABM Hoist Drive Units?
„We supply reliable crane solutions to our customers that also must perform in tough applications. This requires the installed components to be powerful. The ABM Hoist Drive Units excel with a high grade of quality and are compact, energy efficient and with a low weight easy to mount. Our longtime experience with ABM has proven that their engineers are real experts. They exactly know the market needs and continuously develop their products accordingly.”

What are the advantages of ABM travel drives?
„On travel drives we appreciate as well the outstanding workmanship. Additionally ABM offers a great variety of drive types for a wide range of applications. We can bank on ABM using only high grade components for their drive units. This assures the components are robust and therefore reliable and durable.”

What do you appreciate the most in your cooperation with ABM?
„ABM is an active and engaged partner we can rely on when implementing demanding projects. In all the years of our cooperation we always valued the constant high level of quality of ABM products. This significantly contributed to the outstanding reputation Gantron products enjoy in the market related to reliability of their cranes and hoists. The performance of ABM motors and gearboxes is of utmost importance for the implementation of our future growth plans.”

How do you rate the service and support from ABM?
„From the beginning the support by ABM employees was outstanding. Our questions are promptly and competently answered; this applies to technical and commercial matters. Even in strategic respect ABM is responsive. At this time ABM is exploring different options to reduce the delivery times to Canada. This type of service is also very critical to achieve our growth goals.”

How do you rate ABM’s innovative capacity?
„During my visits to Marktredwitz I witnessed the high level of innovative capacity. There is plenty of in-house capacity and a great understanding for the design and manufacturing of powerful motors and gearboxes. The ability to continuously refine the products to meet the ever changing market demands is the key to ABM’s success.”

How do you see the future of the cooperation with ABM?
„We are glad to have in ABM a high-performance supplier of motors and gearboxes as reliable partner. Hence we optimistically look ahead. In the coming years ABM Greiffenberger will be the most important partner for Coastal.”

The new GHX-Hoist Drive Line from ABM Greiffenberger designed to meet FEM 2m – doubling the durability of the drive units.

Comprehensive program of travel drives: Travel drives from ABM are available as inline shaft, parallel/hollow shaft and angle drive units.

Matt Horst (on left) and Jim Caldwell: "The ABM Hoist Drive Units impress with their high grade of quality."