ABM Greiffenberger & Kostal Industrie Elektrik
Successful Cooperation Between ABM and Kostal

Drive specialist ABM Greiffenberger and Kostal Industrie Elektrik maintain a strategic partnership and jointly present system solutions on the market. In an interview Robert Lackermeier, CEO of ABM, and Dirk Fedder, Drives Business Unit Manager at Kostal, talk about the strategic plan and the benefit to the customer and simultaneously take stock.

How long has the cooperation between ABM and Kostal existed?
Robert Lackermeier: ‘ABM and Kostal have been working together on selected applications in the project business since January 2017. Our solutions are used, for example, in conveyor belts, pumps and fans. The joint systems expertise is also reflected in agitators, mixers, gate drives and many other industrial applications.’

What were the reasons for the cooperation?
Robert Lackermeier: ‘One of our common aspirations is to create smart solutions that are reliable and powerful in practice for customers. Our motors and gear motors as well as the Inveor drive controllers from Kostal are the ideal combination for satisfying the requirements of the market for long-lasting and energy-efficient drive technology.’

How has the cooperation developed?
Robert Lackermeier: ‘We assess the cooperation up to now very positively. At present a large number of customer projects are being handled. The volume in euros is in the range of tens of millions. Thus we are completely satisfied with the cooperation.’

How is the authority distributed – who is responsible for what?
Robert Lackermeier: ‘Both ABM Greiffenberger and KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik are pros for their respective core competences. In practice this means that we present ourselves as experts in the field of gear motors and contribute our sophisticated and powerful drive solutions for machines, facilities and mobile devices. Kostal contributes its solid industry experience and delivers user-friendly and networkable frequency converters. Through this close cooperation we can provide the best possible support to our customers.’

How does the customer benefit from the cooperation?
Dirk Fedder: ‘The benefit to the customer is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Users save on engineering efforts. Each company is a specialist in its own field. By bundling our competence portfolio in mechanics and electronics we cooperate closely to create a system solution with maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Through perfectly coordinated product ranges we create a measurable added value for the customer. The customer also experiences this expertise in communication with the two companies. For the user each company supplies a contact person who is responsible for all activities.’

Robert Lackermeier: ‘From our point of view performance is not defined by torques alone, but in particular by the benefit to the customer. In every single project we want to offer the best technological solution for sustainable value creation. Robust and compact drive units which can be used universally and globally arise from this. Through our extensive industry experience in mechanics and electronics the customer always receives the right system solution optimally coordinated with the given application. Everything Engineered in Germany and from a single source, from the development phase to delivery of mass-produced goods. There is only one contact person for all issues. This ensures short communication paths and solution-oriented work. We also pursue this strategy in aftersales.’

What do you expect from the joint presentation at LogiMAT?
Robert Lackermeier: ‘Up to now we have only expanded our successful cooperation via customer channels. With the joint trade fair presentation we want to make ourselves more known.’
Dirk Fedder: ‘We expect a communication boost from the trade fair. Our declared goal is to reach a larger number of potential users and accentuate the advantages of our joint expertise.’
Figure 1: Robert Lackermeier, CEO of ABM Greiffenberger, assesses the cooperation very positively.

Figure 2: For Dirk Fedder, Drives Business Unit Manager at Kostal, customers receive a measurable added value through the cooperation.

Figure 3: Smart system solutions with added value for the user arise out of the cooperation between ABM and KOSTAL. The gear motor is from ABM and the drive controller is from Kostal.